Over the years Stones Sharp Accountants has seen many changes in the volatile business landscape. One thing has remained true however, and that is our ability to strategically help our clients achieve their goals by working together in partnership. Our firm has been established for over 80 years, and our reputation has been forged in the long lasting relationships we have with our clients. Our partners Shane and Eric take a highly consultative approach to business accounting, taxation and planning. We believe that no matter how big or small a business is, with the right advice and planning there is no limit to the things they can achieve. Our dynamic team work as a highly effective unit, allowing maximum effort and attention to be put into the planning areas that will pay the biggest dividends. We would like to think our clients view us not just as their “accountants”, but more as their business advisors.

As Certified Practicing Accountants, our skills lie not only in the complex areas of high level taxation planning and accounting, but also in the following areas:

  • Taxation for Companies
  • Taxation for Trusts
  • Taxation for Superannuation Funds
  • Taxation for Partnerships
  • Taxation for Deceased Estates
  • Taxation for Individuals
  • Accounting
  • Business Management Consulting
  • Superannuation – Self Managed Super Funds
  • Corporate Governance
  • Assisting with obtaining Finance
  • Audit Insurance
  • Family Office Service
  • Bookkeeping

Stones Sharp Accountants are also proud to say that we deal with clients of all shapes and sizes. From multi million dollar corporations, medium sizes business, right down to sole traders and individuals – we take pride in offering tailored advice and intelligent solutions to all of the clients in the Stones Sharp Accountants family. We believe all businesses and individuals have enormous potential to maximize their financial opportunities, through careful planning and expert guidance. It is a great pleasure of ours to share this journey with our clients – through the good times and the bad – and help celebrate the achievements together. No matter big or small, even the tiniest change in habit or focus can produce huge results – especially multiplied over many weeks/months/years. Over our many years in business we have developed our own set of philosophies and formulas for success, and we thoroughly enjoy tailoring these practices to suit our clients – regardless of what stage of business they are in. We truly pride ourselves in our ability to arm our clients with the most creative and effective strategies that will help them successfully navigate their way to their end goals.

Stones Sharp Accountants encourage you to contact one of our friendly staff to arrange an appointment – and find out how we can help you gain the competitive advantage you need in today’s environment.

How To Choose The Right Financial and Accounting Services Company?

As complexities rise in the business world, managing and measuring finances becomes a crucial task. Without a proficient system to take care of the bookkeeping/accounting, back office transactions and payroll processing, the management of finances becomes unproductive and to fix the poorly done work, it cost time, money and resources.

It is sensible to get rid of all these hassles through availing the services of an experienced financial and accounting services firm. If accounting and finance is noncore to your business, it is sensible to off-shore your accounting functions to a best professional accounting firm from a low cost region. It will optimize your costs of operations viz-a-viz having an in-house team owing to labor arbitrage and currency, time zone advantage, conversion of fixed costs into variable costs, enhanced efficiencies, standardization of savings and processes on the cost of training and long-term benefits administration.

Most significantly, you will get that the professional accounting services firm only suits your prerequisite in terms of productivity output, cost effectiveness, flexibility and domain expertise. Their group of qualified experts and professionals can deliver perfect services, meeting deadlines all the times. Bookkeeping is not like accounting. It is the process of recording financial transactions of the company.

The transactions include receipts, payments, income, purchases and sales by an organization or individual. Moreover, the accountant will make the reports from these transactions for the accounting process. At any specified time, you need to have a clear picture of financial position of the company. A company cannot have enough money to have a missed or inaccurate transaction recorded as this leads towards an inaccurate booking of expenditures/income which can lead to wrong judgments and erroneous decisions by management and can prove expensive for the business in future. Particularly for the medium /small and growth stage enterprises, it is significant to pay for all the bills on time without the overhead of the penalty charges to cover the late payments or the bounced checks.

Many of the times, companies incline to neglect this chore in the multitude of other strategic business preferences. To steer clear of erroneous bookkeeping and the subsequent troubles, business organizations can off-source their bookkeeping procedure and the professional vendor engaged can proficiently take care of this chore under a cost-effective manner.

If you need to do the entire payroll processing and preparing tasks by yourself, your company requires a dedicated team. As a substitute, it is wise to transfer this significant, but recurring, activity to a specialized payroll services provider. They will ensure that payroll processing is accomplished on time without any chance for the complications an organization may face on delay/errors in issuing salaries and other benefits or compensations.

Off shoring financial services, taxation, payroll processing, back office transactions processing and associated operations of your company will not only make these procedures hassle free but also save you precious dollars. Make use of the expertise of a top financial service provider and support your business achieve better financial performance!